Is it right to buy ASUS ROG over other premium smartphone like Samsung or Apple or any other company?

 A 'gaming' cell phone may appear to be an exceptionally energizing recommendation for buyer, however by what method can a producer get the normal cell phone purchaser to feel a similar way? Asus dispatched the main ROG Phone a 2 years ago, and keeping in mind that it was a decent item, the excessive cost of almost Rs. 70,000 at the time implied that you truly should have been a stalwart gaming fanatic to try and think about it over an iPhone, Google Pixel, or Samsung Galaxy smartphone. That is actually what Asus needs to change with the ROG Phone 2. 

While Asus has taken as much time as is needed to dispatch this phone in India, we have seen different organizations attempt to break into this specialty fragment all through this year.However, Asus hasn't left any stone unturned for its development, pressing it with practically every component one could consider. The good to beat all is unquestionably the cost. The ROG Phone 2 beginnings at Rs. 37,999 in India,and now rog phone have price 46,999, which is incredible for gaming fans as well as for any individual who's searching for an amazing flagship on a careful spending plan.Let's  divide asus ROG phone to flaghip features and not so flagship features compare to other flagships.


Flagship features

  • Very good build quality, premium design
  • Excellent all-round performance(snapdragon 865+)
  •  amoled high-refresh-rate display(144 hz)
  • Solid battery life
  • stereo speakers
  • usb 3.0 storage
  • excellent haptic feedback

Not so flagship features

  • No waterproofing or ip rating
  • Cameras struggle a bit in low light
  • no wireless charging
So if you care about  ip rating , flagship camera or wireless charging then you should look at samsung or apple but you can live with that then it is excellent phone to buy

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