samsung galaxy tab s7 plus is better than ipad pro

 The question arises in you're mind that which is best tablet out there without a doubt a answer is ipad pro because of the best hardware the best experience the best supported thing out there.But it has changed ;the samsung tab s7 plus is in my opinion the first samsung tablet out there that can legitimately compete with the ipad pro's like it's that good now this is for sure.

samsung tablet


Let's look at the hardware first ;obviously this thing is packed with some powerful stuff the snapdragon 865 plus.6 gigabytes of ram 128 gigs of storage and also has a new 120hz display panel which is a smoother and more fluid visual experience and also has a new s pen and a new keyboard. The front facing camera is now positioned in a way so that's on top in landscape mode .

The hardware on this thing is excellent as a media consumption device this thing is awesome the speakers are very loud very clear.There's two on each side it's a very nice audio experience if you're watching movies and games.

tablet of samsung


The new screen is 12.4" (31.5 cm) 120 hertz amoled high ppi it's a fantastic visual experience and because it's got a high refresh screen you're stuff just looks super fluid on it now . A high refresh screen isn't super important right on a phone but when it comes to a tablet a high refresh screen makes a huge difference especially when there's a pen involved and this is one of the reasons why i like the ipad pro so much famous.It is for a creative proffesionals .With a s pen and there's no lag it just makes the whole pen and tablet experience so much better and this year they've reduced the latency on the s pen to nine milliseconds it's super fast when you draw with this thing.


tablet with keyboard

The keyboard is much better than last year's model that thing but it  doesn't have backlighting which is
unfortunate and the keyboard also does not tilt up like surface keyboards also unfortunate but the overall typing experience is good now the reason with samsung dex and if you're unfamiliar with what dex is it's this platform that samsung has that allows you to use their android devices in an environment that's more windows.With samsung dex connected with keyboard; you' will notice it gives deskop experience which is very useful for business users.

Battery life

It has 9800 mah which is last for approximately 10 hours of normal usage which is very good for a tablet and better than ipad pro.


It comes with latest one ui 2.0 based on android Q with s pen features.


It comes with 128 gigabytes of storage and expandable upto 1 terabyte

Overall it is excellent premium samsung tablet in android space and great competitor to ipad pro.

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