mark zuckerberg says apple don't allow innovation and competition

 In company wide meeting zuckerberg said that "apple doesn't allow innovation and competition which is harmful for customers".

Facebook don't like Apple ‌App Store‌ rules after Apple blocked Facebook's gaming app, which launched earlier in August. Apple had rejected Facebook Gaming multiple times because Apple does not allow apps that offer alternative stores because of security purpose. 
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Both Apple and Facebook  are facing a U.S. antitrust investigation. The CEOs from the four companies in July testified in an antitrust hearing with the U.S. House Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee. The chairman of the subcommittee, David Cicilline, this week said that the four tech companies which are facebook,apple,google,amazonare behavior  is deeply disturbing and requires Congress to take action.

Apple and Facebook also had another disagreement in August after Apple refused to waive fees for Facebook's paid Online Events feature. 

Facebook asked Apple to waive its 30 percent fee taken from the in-app purchases for Online Events or let Facebook process event payments with Facebook Pay but Apple refused because that's a violation of its ‌App Store‌ guidelines. 

Since Apple wouldn't waive its fees, Facebook intended to add a note in the Online Events feature that said  Apple takes 30% of this purchase. Apple took offense to the wording and did not allow Facebook to include the wording in the Facebook app. Apple said that the update violated an ‌App Store‌ rule that prevents developers from showing irrelevant information to users.

In addition to Zuckerberg is already unhappy with changes that Apple is making in iOS 14. Facebook on Wednesday said that the anti-ad tracking feature Apple implemented that requires customers to agree to be tracked across apps and websites could cut down on 50 percent of the Audience Network Ad revenue companies earn through Facebook.

Zuckerberg also had thoughts on Apple's ongoing dispute with Epic Games, and said Apple's shocking attempt to block the Unreal Engine was very aggressive move and quite problematic.

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