MI note book 14 horizon edition detailed overview

After years of waiting Xiaomi has finally launched their laptop lineup here in India this is the mean laptop 14 horizon edition and in today's article let's take a quick look at what Xiaomi is bringing to the table.

Xiaomi is launching two product lines here in India which is mi notebook 14 and mi notebook 14 horizon edition today we take full overview mi notebook 14 horizon edition.

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Xiaomi say that they've managed to cram enough 14-inch display into the 13.3 inch form factor the way they've been able to do this is by giving us a 91% screen to body ratio.For a16:9 Full HD panel in here  looks good and brighten up to 250 nitts.

The contrast is excellent but the most impressive thing years gotta be the wide viewing angles but it do come with a problem there is no builtin front camera here and webcams especially given our current situation has become a huge necessity which is why xiaomi has include free webcam now it is a bit of an added hassle and does add one more thing to carry around but at least there is a solution.

At 1.35 kg is the MI notebook this one is just 60 grams heavier than the MacBook Air making it one of the lightest in the Ultrabook category.

3.Build quality
we have super thin three millimeter bezels to the top and sides and to the bottom we have a chin with a MI branding by the way that's the only place we see any branding the rest of this aluminium magnesium alloy body is left clean.

Mi note book  have a intel core i7 10th generation.It's a quad core eight thread shape for the base frequency of 1.8 gigahertz and a turbo boost up to 4.9 gigahertz on a single core the me notebook 14 horizon is supposed to get a tension IFI skew. We do have a dedicated GPU that's the nvidia MX 350
with 2 gigs of VRAM running off the rest of the specs we have 8 gigs of dual channel ddr3 and a 512 gigabyte m.2 nvme SSD for storage 

So how does it perform well judging by the specs and here day-to-day tasks like running a few tabs on Chrome or working on spreadsheets and Excel wouldn't really be an issue. For  gaming you can do light gaming and play latest esport title in medium settings there after all the MX 350 is by no means a powerful graphics card.

5.Battery life
Xiaomi did nail here is the battery we have a fairly sizable 46watt hour battery on board and Xiaomi claims that it's supposed to last 10 hours on a single charge honestly even the tiny form factor even if it ends up lasting is around 7 to 8 hours on a light workload It will be really impressive.
 For charging we have a 65 watt adapter it's not type C there is a type C port in here though but we can't
really use it for charging.

6.Keyboard and trackpad
Keyboard have fair amount of travel and track pad have a good detection but track pad have plastic build.

It comes with windows 10 home onboard and with especially no ads

  • Conclusion
Xiaomi  have good competitor in laptop market but there are some players with similar specs.It will be available in amazon and mi store on 17th june in India at starting price of rs 54,999 for intel core i5 variant and rs 59,999.
You can check mi notebook 14 horizon edition through this link:https://amzn.to/3fHkSaK

Nearest competitor to mi  notebook horizon edition is Acer Aspire 3 .
Check out a acer aspire 3 through this link: https://amzn.to/3cYFQzP 

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