is smartphone prices will rise?

let's talk about the smartphones  situation in the current market.The pricing of most of the smartphones mid-range as well as some of the higher-end smartphones will increase in India and well after the covid situation and the lockdown is lifted well what will be the pricing of mid-range smartphones and how will it be affected will they get more affordable or they'll get expensive but sadly the reality is that these many of the smartphones even in the mid-range get lot more expensive.

 Last year was great in fact I would say till March of this year ;we saw some great phones at a great smartphone at great price point for example the realme 6 was available for just 13,000 rs initially there had great specs but then the prices increases.

So most of the new smartphones surprisingly won't be as aggressive as it was earlier and we got to get used to.In fact if you look at it we have started to seeing in Sartphone market example the realme series It was a little bit overpriced  and then Samsung did the same thing with the galaxy m11 .

 As you guys already know last year GST was about 12% but GST on mobile phones that has been increased to 13% so straight away 6% hit we are taking.

The second thing is that now the dollar is hovering about 76 now ;earlier it was hovering about 69 to 70 rupees and this is actually very important because most of the components are actually for the smart phones are imported from other countries and actually we pay in dollar and because of the higher price these component prices will actually increase and if dollar price is  69 to about 76 then price will increase of about 4 to 5 percent so if you add that what do you say 6 percent that is just GST then it will be 10 to 11 percent.This price will be only for online market.

                              hike in smartphone price
But it will be really bad for offline smartphones ;offline smartphone price will more than online available smartphones.

Third thing that is happening is because of this covid situation .The supply chain of components has been restricted and hence that there is also a lot of shortage of goods.

Many people have complained  that many of the popular smartphone are simply not available in the market neither online or the stocks are going off and even in the offline market it's not available and that is because of the inventory issues these manufacturers are simply not able to produce a lot of smartphones because of the covert situation and the logistic issues that are happening because of the covid situation andsadly because of these reasons smartphone price will rise in India.

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